See our Guest Blog Posted on Imagine Canada: Succession Planning Made Easy

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Jamie Niessen, our former CEO, recently wrote about our CEO transition for Imagine Canada’s blog. Check out the post here. For more details on our transition, check out this post from the fall.

If you’re thinking about earning Imagine Canada’s charity and nonprofit accreditation check out their Standards Program for all the ins and outs. Good luck.

Leadership Succession: Planning for Success

A 2009 study done by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City found that “68 per cent of non-profit organizations lack a succession plan to get them through a leadership transition.” Change is inevitable whether we like it or not. It is proven, that a change in leadership, whether it is planned or unexpected, can alter the course of an organization. Having a solid succession plan can help ensure that an organization continues on a path towards success. In October 2012, Propellus CEO, Jamie Niessen, and the Board of Directors began the process of creating a succession plan for the organization. Continue reading