It’s Back! Transform Your Story 2016 Now Open

You heard correctly. The fund is back thanks to our partners at Chevron Canada. Check out the project page for all the details.

And here’s some videos of 2015 participants on how they’re implementing their organizations newly built capacity in areas of program design, business planning and culture.


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Big News: Crowdfunding Pilot Launched


A key barrier in creating strong non-profit organizations is access to donor dollars to improve the skill level and infrastructure in an organization. This collaboration between our founding sponsor (The Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation), our members , and Propellus aims to address this challenge through crowdfunding. Continue reading

Q & A: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Organization Assessment Tool

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.41.04 AM

A conversation between Kelsey Merkeley, OAT Project Lead and Sarah G. Schmidt, Design & Development

Sarah: We’ve launched the tool and I was hoping you could tell me more about this project.

Kelsey: Sure, the Organization Assessment Tool (OAT) is an interactive tool that we developed for our members. It has two parts: Part 1 begins with the Organization Assessment Tool Questionnaire (OATQ), where members complete an 18-question self-assessment on the structure of their organization and the delivery of their organization’s programs. Part 2 begins after the member has completed their OATQ self-analysis. Continue reading

See our Guest Blog Posted on Imagine Canada: Succession Planning Made Easy

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Jamie Niessen, our former CEO, recently wrote about our CEO transition for Imagine Canada’s blog. Check out the post here. For more details on our transition, check out this post from the fall.

If you’re thinking about earning Imagine Canada’s charity and nonprofit accreditation check out their Standards Program for all the ins and outs. Good luck.

Becoming CEO of Propellus


Written By: Doug Watson, Director Member Services & Operations

I guess it starts with dropping out of high school (oops, not supposed to tell people that). Actually it’s true. One of the reasons I didn’t just drop out once but three times is because I didn’t like the way things were run. Even in my ignorance I understood that things could be a little neater, a little tidier, even take into account the person you are serving when deciding how things will happen. Continue reading

There’s No “I” in Team

Teams. You have been in many teams in your life. From elementary to university you were constantly asked to work with other people towards a common goal. The group work experience can vary from a nightmare to a dream and land anywhere in between. The end result of team work was that the team accomplished the goal and you moved on to other projects.  Continue reading

Building a Culture to Match the Mission

I first met with Marina Giacomin, Executive Director of the Servants Anonymous Society (SAS) in their offices, the colossus of a building is tucked just behind the main drag of Inglewood.

Their building has to be huge to house the number of programs that SAS runs in Calgary.

SAS offers long-term programs and ongoing support to women who are victims of, or at risk of, sexual exploitation. Perhaps most importantly SAS also offers hope and wholeness to this vulnerable population.  Continue reading

Why Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you are in, when people come together in a group they create a culture – it is an unstoppable force and what makes traveling and being immersed in different cultures so magical.

In any workplace, a culture tends to be created by the people everyone from the CEO to the volunteers. A workplace culture can really help to advance the mission, or it can contribute to mission drift. Continue reading