It’s Back! Transform Your Story 2016 Now Open

You heard correctly. The fund is back thanks to our partners at Chevron Canada. Check out the project page for all the details.

And here’s some videos of 2015 participants on how they’re implementing their organizations newly built capacity in areas of program design, business planning and culture.


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Does Your Organization Pass the On-Brand Test?

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Written By: Sarah G. Schmidt, Design & Development

A quick Google of “how do you know if you are on-brand?” and you will get a plethora of companies selling you services ranging from surveys to full on marketing support. It’s a bit daunting. Because it’s not a simple question, people (and businesses) are quick to suggest you need extensive professional support, and offer you a laundry list of possible solutions. Continue reading

Becoming CEO of Propellus


Written By: Doug Watson, Director Member Services & Operations

I guess it starts with dropping out of high school (oops, not supposed to tell people that). Actually it’s true. One of the reasons I didn’t just drop out once but three times is because I didn’t like the way things were run. Even in my ignorance I understood that things could be a little neater, a little tidier, even take into account the person you are serving when deciding how things will happen. Continue reading

Program Design – It’s How You Measure Your Mission

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Written By: Janet Rock, Director, Design & Development

Story, brand, mission, outcomes. If I asked what difference your organization makes, you may use these tools to describe your impact. These tools have received a lot of attention and are commonly expected from an organization in grant applications and presentations to stakeholders, but how well do they represent your why your organization exists and how you know you are making the difference you intend to make? Continue reading

TRANSFORM Your Story: Partnership with Chevron

In 2012, Alberta’s nonprofit sector saw a 52% turnover rate.

My name is Victoria Smith and I work for Chevron Resources Canada, one of the world’s largest energy companies.

If we turned over 52% of our staff annually, we would achieve nothing. If we didn’t invest in our people’s development, in strategic planning, in leadership or in good governance, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our energy lies in people. Continue reading

Storytelling for Non-profits

There’s nothing like a good story to ignite imagination, invoke emotion and incite action in people. Ancient storytellers have used the power of narratives to successfully relay information from one generation to another. Modern-day storytellers–like journalists, writers, and marketers–weave magnificent tales that bring their worlds into ours through newspapers, books, films and television commercials. Continue reading

Getting Started with Video Marketing

With the explosion of YouTube over the last couple of years, videos have been the go-to marketing channel to help you get your information out into the public eye. If you have been thinking about video, now is the time to stop thinking about it and do something about it. It is easier now than ever to create a space online that helps to spread your message and create a following of people who want to become engaged with your organization.  Continue reading