Big News: Crowdfunding Pilot Launched


A key barrier in creating strong non-profit organizations is access to donor dollars to improve the skill level and infrastructure in an organization. This collaboration between our founding sponsor (The Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation), our members , and Propellus aims to address this challenge through crowdfunding. Continue reading

Q & A: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Organization Assessment Tool

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A conversation between Kelsey Merkeley, OAT Project Lead and Sarah G. Schmidt, Design & Development

Sarah: We’ve launched the tool and I was hoping you could tell me more about this project.

Kelsey: Sure, the Organization Assessment Tool (OAT) is an interactive tool that we developed for our members. It has two parts: Part 1 begins with the Organization Assessment Tool Questionnaire (OATQ), where members complete an 18-question self-assessment on the structure of their organization and the delivery of their organization’s programs. Part 2 begins after the member has completed their OATQ self-analysis. Continue reading

How Learning Keeps You Motivated During Challenging Times

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Written By: Janet Rock, Director, Design & Development

We all know times are tough in Calgary. Tracking the news can be depressing, but so can applying for a job or seeking a grant. We’re always looking for ways to keep ourselves motivated and engaged in our work when all of the bad news can be distracting. Continue reading

Fortune Favours the Bold: Unlocking Value during Tumultuous Times

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Written By: Jeremy Busch-Howell, member of the Board of Directors

Things appear grim in Alberta. While dwelling on our current economic uncertainty is more than a bit unpleasant, nearly every reputable bank or relevant government agency correctly predicted a mild recession for 2015 and, with the price of oil remaining incredibly low, are predicting a mild recession for 2016 as well. Continue reading

Common Fundraising Pitfalls

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Written By: Marlene Mulligan, formerly Design & Development

Most every organization and every cause feels they need more funding. Some may not be too urgent, maybe in a place where they could do more with more and some realities may be quite urgent and in a place of barley being able to keep up with demand and keep the lights on. Whatever your situation, if you are facing fundraising challenges, its possible your organization may have succumbed to some of these common pitfalls we see among our 500+ members. Continue reading

Template: Volunteer Application and Position Evaluation

A key to Volunteer Engagement, is placing volunteers into roles that suit their needs and interests. How do you achieve this placement? A well formatted volunteer application form can help.

Once the volunteer has settled into the position, it is time for evaluation. Is this the right fit? Is the organization and the volunteer achieving desired outcomes? A volunteer position evaluation can help. We have a template for that too! Continue reading

People Matter: Part 3 – Enable and Empower

In our last leadership blog we mentioned enable and empower as one of things leaders need to do, but we didn’t open up that idea. Today we need to unpack the responsibilities of the leader in this area.

Really it begins with enabling, and that can be as simple as making sure your team has a decent computer to work with.  This is called allocating resources which is often seen as budgetary responsibilities but is really not – budget will come later for the leader!  This is all about ensuring that every person on your team has everything they need to do their job effectively.  Continue reading

Template: Family Volunteer Agreement

With schools on break, vacations being taken over the holidays and family arriving from out of town, people are always looking to put some of their time to use in service to others – and they are looking for a rewarding dat to spend time as a family. Which is why, we thought the Family Volunteer Agreement form would be the perfect template for the season.  Continue reading

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Propellus Collection at Calgary Public Library

In 2011 Propellus announced the end of its direct library service, and the beginning of a beautiful partnership with the Calgary Public Library (CPL).

The CPL and Propellus remain invested in the development of non-profit management resources. This week the partnership was realized when the Propellus Collection was formally unveiled during a ceremony at the Central Library.

CPL and Propellus has brought in even more books in the areas of: People Engagement, Fund Development Governance and Leadership, the collection continues to grow with the addition of 75 new resources added to the collection in 2013.

There are both print copies and e-books available as a resource to anyone that is interested, all you need is a library card! Print copies are housed at the Central Branch, but can be ordered on reserve to any CPL location.

For a full list of the non-profit management titles available, click here.