How Learning Keeps You Motivated During Challenging Times

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Written By: Janet Rock, Director, Design & Development

We all know times are tough in Calgary. Tracking the news can be depressing, but so can applying for a job or seeking a grant. We’re always looking for ways to keep ourselves motivated and engaged in our work when all of the bad news can be distracting. Continue reading

Top 3 Survival Tips for Tough Times

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Written By: Janet Rock, Director, Design & Development

This month marks my 11 year anniversary working at Propellus. It will come as no surprise, but working in the non-profit sector has its ups and downs. It can be super hard or ultra-rewarding. Some of us may be experiencing some of these challenges right now. Is funding especially difficult this year? Are you experiencing higher demand for services and feeling the stretch? What keeps you going? How do you manage through the challenging times? Continue reading