Common Fundraising Pitfalls

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Written By: Marlene Mulligan, formerly Design & Development

Most every organization and every cause feels they need more funding. Some may not be too urgent, maybe in a place where they could do more with more and some realities may be quite urgent and in a place of barley being able to keep up with demand and keep the lights on. Whatever your situation, if you are facing fundraising challenges, its possible your organization may have succumbed to some of these common pitfalls we see among our 500+ members. Continue reading

Building a Fund Development Program for Your Organization

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Written By: Marlene Mulligan, Design & Development

Let’s start here. What is the difference between fundraising and fund development? Fundraising is activities you undertake that garner donations and sponsorship like events, campaigns, grant writing, etc. These are short-term activities.

Fund development, on the other hand, is the strategic planning, coordination and management of fundraising activities so that they directly support your mission and generate reliable funding streams for the long-term viability of your organization. A development program is established with the long term in mind.

This can feel challenging in a context where your funding needs are acute, as they so often are in small and mid-size organizations. Continue reading