Evaluation is More Than Just Tracking. It Matters How We Use and Share It.

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Written by: Andrea N. Young, Evaluation Specialist

At the beginning of April, I released my masterpiece: the ‘2015 Annual Report on our Evaluation Findings.’ For most of you non-data-nerds, this 43-page document probably sounds like the utmost snoozefest. And often you’d be right: data reports can be oh-so-boring and pointless. I mean, who wants to read a jillion pages of technical jargon if it just ultimately makes you say “oh, that’s vaguely interesting” a couple of times, and then gets put on the shelf until you need some scrap doodle paper? Continue reading

Lessons from a Near-Fail Program Design

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Written By: Andrea N. Young, Member Services, Evaluations Specialist

A few years ago, I set off for Africa to spend 6 months volunteering in a couple of the poorest countries in the world. My first stop was Lomé, the capital city of Togo (a tiny country next to Ghana in West Africa). I’d found a local NGO online that accepted me as a volunteer, and when I arrived they asked me to design, teach, and evaluate a short health curriculum at a couple of the nearby high schools. Continue reading