Evaluation is More Than Just Tracking. It Matters How We Use and Share It.

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Written by: Andrea N. Young, Evaluation Specialist

At the beginning of April, I released my masterpiece: the ‘2015 Annual Report on our Evaluation Findings.’ For most of you non-data-nerds, this 43-page document probably sounds like the utmost snoozefest. And often you’d be right: data reports can be oh-so-boring and pointless. I mean, who wants to read a jillion pages of technical jargon if it just ultimately makes you say “oh, that’s vaguely interesting” a couple of times, and then gets put on the shelf until you need some scrap doodle paper? Continue reading

Does Your Organization Pass the On-Brand Test?

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Written By: Sarah G. Schmidt, Design & Development

A quick Google of “how do you know if you are on-brand?” and you will get a plethora of companies selling you services ranging from surveys to full on marketing support. It’s a bit daunting. Because it’s not a simple question, people (and businesses) are quick to suggest you need extensive professional support, and offer you a laundry list of possible solutions. Continue reading

Becoming CEO of Propellus


Written By: Doug Watson, Director Member Services & Operations

I guess it starts with dropping out of high school (oops, not supposed to tell people that). Actually it’s true. One of the reasons I didn’t just drop out once but three times is because I didn’t like the way things were run. Even in my ignorance I understood that things could be a little neater, a little tidier, even take into account the person you are serving when deciding how things will happen. Continue reading

Transform Your Story Fund: AARCS

One of the biggest barriers to our 500+ members accessing Propellus services is “feeling guilty about spending money” to improve their operations. We responded to this challenge with the launch of the Transform Your Story Fund (TYSF) 2014 where we helped member organizations work on their organization, not just in it.

Chevron Canada provided much needed investment in capacity building to allow our members to access these services. They share our belief that good management lies at the heart of achieving better results. So what happens if you remove funding as a barrier for non-profits so that they can invest in themselves? Take a look at what Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) did to transform their story.

We believe that strong organizations create thriving, engaged communities. We help our members build capacity to do just that. Transform Your Story Fund investment is a partnership between Chevron Canada and Propellus.

Countdown to our AGM April 30, 2015

We are just a couple days away from our Annual General Meeting where we’ll:

  • Hear compelling stories from other nonprofit organizations in our great community.
  • Engage in conversations with our peers and Propellus professionals where we’ll discuss hot topics in business planning, culture and program design.
  • Be assisted by our members and board of directors by lending their vote to our next year of strengthening organizations.
  • Enjoy light afternoon snacks and celebrate the year.

We are pumped for the big day to be with our members and community. Check back for post event updates to see how it all unfolded.

There’s No “I” in Team

Teams. You have been in many teams in your life. From elementary to university you were constantly asked to work with other people towards a common goal. The group work experience can vary from a nightmare to a dream and land anywhere in between. The end result of team work was that the team accomplished the goal and you moved on to other projects.  Continue reading