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The Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation


Above: Margaret and Andrew Stephens

Type of Donation

Propellus is extremely grateful to the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation for supporting us in an innovative crowdfunding pilot. The goal of this initiative is to build a sustainable revenue stream to strengthen organizations. A key barrier in creating strong organizations is access to donor dollars to improve the skill level and infrastructure in an organization. This collaboration between the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation and Propellus aims to address this challenge.


Why it Matters

Through the development of this initiative Andrew Stephens provided Propellus with the space to explore and discover a crowdfunding approach that best suits our non-profit member’s needs. Working with Andrew through this process was thoroughly enjoyable and pushed us to think in ways that would not have been possible without his engagement.

When we asked Andrew from the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation why he believes in the work we do at Propellus, here is what he said:

“My wife and I have been very fortunate. We were able to build our life together in one of the greatest countries in the world, and it was easy for us to have a fulfilling life because of our wonderful, caring families and the great communities we grew up in. Even with all of our good fortune, our family still needed support over the past few years when my wife succumbed to cancer. Agencies here in Calgary came to our aid and for that we are truly grateful.

For many, it’s even tougher these days and every year more people need the help that Calgary agencies provide. Propellus is a well-run organization focused on strengthening Calgary agencies, and they’ve provided an ideal mechanism for our Foundation to give back and invest in the communities that have been so good to us. If you’ve been fortunate like we have been, I ask you to join my family and support Propellus with your investment in a better future. Together, we’ll help build extraordinary communities where more people have the opportunity, just as we have, to reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.”


Thank You

A huge thank you to the Margaret and Andrew Stephens Family Foundation. Your generosity and support help to ensure our services are accessible to all of our members. The work we do with these incredible organizations leads to stronger more effective charities in Calgary and for that we are very grateful.

The Propellus crowdfunding campaign involves four of our non-profit members: Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre, KidSport, Literacy for Life, and the Calgary Bridge Foundation. To support this initiative and learn more, check it out here.