Chat with a Consultant


Consultants have a dynamic range of skills, they can provide a new outlook on your organization and bring strength to areas that need further development. They can be a helpful addition to your team when resources are limited. Here are a few reasons how and why:

  • Propellus consultants are responsive, dedicated and committed to acting in your organization’s best interests at all times.
  • Propellus consultants are experienced with working in the non-profit sector. They recognize the challenges faced by organizations and are equipped with knowledge to help strengthen them.
  • Propellus consultations are a partnership. Your organization is dynamic and continues to grow and change, Propellus will be available every step of the way to provide you with advice that is mission focused and works for your specific needs.
  • Propellus consultations are an investment in your future. A Propellus consultation is customized for your organization and the outcomes we produce directly impact the strategic direction of your non-profit. The result of this work is increased funding, more engaged stakeholders, and a brighter organizational future.

“One of our very astute board members said: ‘this could have gone many ways. We could have wound up shut down if we had been asleep at the switch.'”

-Barbara Burggraf, former executive director, EducationMatters, Propellus Consulting Project: Strategic Planning Session

Why Use a Propellus Consultant

Propellus builds sector capacity by on-boarding and training new consultants to be ready to be matched with non-profit organizations on projects. The training program for Propellus consultants is to ensure the quality of the outcomes for our members. Consultants that complete this training are equipped with the specific tools needed to navigate the unique challenges our members face.

Propellus consultants are recruited based on their experience in the sector, their expertise or a combination of both. All Propellus consultants have demonstrated a desire to work with non-profit organizations.

As every organization is unique, the best place to start is a free initial meeting. From there we can talk about what could be the ideal next step for your organization.

Chat with Lori, Our Consulting Manager, today.


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