Book a Facilitated Learning Session

‘Facilitated Learning’ is essentially Propellus’ fancy way of saying ‘customized training’.

Throughout the year, Propellus offers a variety of workshops designed to help strengthen our member organizations so that they can achieve their mission. We believe that by developing skilled non-profit professionals and leaders, we guide your organization to build a highly engaged and effective team.

Our facilitated learning sessions are designed to tailor our workshop material to your organization’s needs. Any of our workshops can be customized to suit your organization’s specific challenges and quandaries. Some of the common topics for facilitated learning sessions are: board governance, fund development, conflict resolution, culture, strategic planning and volunteer engagement

One of our members commented:

“The most valuable learning from this process was the importance of having the entire organization on the same page”

and we agree! Facilitated learning is an opportunity to complete training as a team, giving your organization a common language and understanding. You are welcome to invite your board, staff, stakeholders, volunteers… as many as you want and have the space for. Another plus is that we can come to you – no need to drive downtown if you don’t want to!

If you require some help with funding a session we encourage you to scout around and to get in touch with us – we may know about specific grants that are relevant to your organization!