Wah hoo, you want to volunteer. The community, and you, is better for it.

Volunteers are a vital resource for the non-profit sector. In our work to strengthen organizations, Propellus aims to provide resources to help organizations succeed. We continue to promote volunteerism and connect volunteers and non-profit organizations through our website, the largest volunteer opportunities database in Calgary.

Visit Our Volunteer Opportunity Database and get started today.

How to Volunteer in Calgary

  1. Decide what kind of volunteer opportunity you want – consider your skills, interests, and availability.
  2. Search the Propellus Volunteer Database (above).
  3. Contact the organization directly to apply.

There’s a sign up form where you can select which opportunities are most interesting to you. It will email your customized list direct to your inbox.

Volunteering Checklist

Each organization has a slightly different volunteer application and intake process. Depending on the organization and position, you may be asked to:

  • complete an application form
  • send your resume & references
  • meet for an interview
  • get a police check
  • get a child welfare check
  • attend an orientation attend specialized training

Happy volunteering!

6 responses

  1. Your link to your Volunteer Database is non-functional. I know a few Calgarians looking for volunteer opportunities this year and would like to recommend this site to them, but am reluctant as it does not appear to be working. Please advise on status. Thanks.


  2. Some of your volunteering opportunities are very old; i.e. 2014. Please update your website to show current or ongoing opportunities in 2016. Thank you.


    • Hi Susan. Thanks for the feedback! The members post and remove the opportunities themselves. We do prompt them to tidy up the postings. I’ll chat with the team here and see what else we can do to remove the older posts.


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