About Us

Mission: We Strengthen Organizations

Vision: Thriving Engaged Communities

Values: Empowerment, Courage, Exploration, Adaptability, Resilience


During the Second World War volunteerism swelled throughout Canada. Volunteer centres were commonly created in urban centres in response to the demand for people donating their time and energy.

In 1955 The Central Volunteer Bureau was formally created by the Junior League of Calgary.

In the years to follow we would foster many advancements in the voluntary sector in Calgary, such as high-skills volunteering, youth volunteers, and employee volunteerism.

When the Olympics came to Calgary in 1988, the response from volunteers was extraordinary. The volunteer spirit shown by Calgarians during that time did not wane. Volunteerism became part of our community culture.

In the early 90s we saw the need to help organizations in the voluntary sector engage their volunteers in a meaningful way, our elements of volunteer engagement workshop was born. It was also during this time when we started looking at not only recruiting volunteers, but strengthening the organizations that engaged them.

In 2012 we acquired the programs of CentrePoint for Non-Profit Management. This expanded our services and helped set us up to be an organization that strengthened Calgary’s social sector.

Throughout the years, as our members needs evolved, so have we. Going forward our focus is in helping the non-profit community discover their strength.

Propellus now exists to serve non-profit organizations and to help them achieve their missions. Propellus helps to build their organizations, while they focus on the cause. We arm them with the tools they need to run their organizations, so that they CAN succeed and make a difference.


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