The Best View

Last week, my colleague Katie Dodd & I met with one of Propellus’ members, Tonya Lailey of Theatre Junction Grand. We met over lunch at Workshop, the unique and warm restaurant within the Grand building. While we ate, we learned about the impressive things this small but mighty team is doing in our community, in the local theatre arena and about how their organization has gotten stronger as a result of working on their culture.  Tonya told us the story about how 10 years ago, the space was just a dream of a local theatre company.   As we chatted, we drew parallels between Theatre Junction Grand’s work and work being done by other Propellus non-profit members.  At one point, Tonya paused and said, “Wow. Calgary must look so beautiful through Propellus’ eyes.” She could not have put it better.
Every day, the Propellus team gets to meet with its member organizations. We get to hear about the work being done by thousands of passionate and highly skilled non-profit employees who are whole-heartedly dedicated to strengthening our Calgary community.  We hear inspiring stories about how people came to be committed to a cause. We hear about the transformational programs and services being offered. We hear about how people creatively overcome their organizational struggles and how they strive to learn from each other and work together to better serve their clients. We hear stories of incredible vision and forethought in building organizational and sector-wide capacity. 
Calgary is sometimes seen as a new city without much soul. But when you spend your days hearing about the vibrancy and dynamism of our arts & culture, environmental, human rights, education, poverty-reduction, and immigrant, youth & elder serving organizations, you cannot help but see just how gorgeous this place really is. You can’t help but be incredibly grateful to get to live in this city among all of those who work so hard and so well every day. So yes indeed, Calgary is so beautiful through our eyes. 
– Lori DeLuca

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