Remember What’s Most Important in Recruitment Season

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Written By: Janet Rock, Design & Development

Well, it’s that time of year again. Spring means recruitment season for many organizations who have AGMs before June. To celebrate the change of season, we’re sharing some of the highlights from recent conversations with you, our members. These tips will help you focus on how to find the very best match in your new recruits!

  1. Be Honest. Like ridiculously honest. Many people looking to join a board, especially for the first time, are hoping to learn and grow from their experience. That’s great because they want to pitch in. Too often in board recruitment we don’t adequately represent the opportunities ahead for our organization. Being realistic about these opportunities actually helps us attract the right people who are up for the challenge. For example, if your organization is looking to explore a merger, this can actually make you more attractive to the right board candidate looking for that experience. Food for thought from Susan Ellis at Energize.
  1. Find Love. True love. And don’t accept any substitutes. Allow board members to find the things they love about your organization, maybe your people, your clients, your really great board snacks. People act honestly and in good faith when they love the organization they serve. Here’s a guide you could share with prospective board members to help them see if your organization is a fit.
  1. Use Your Values. We love to use our values to recruit everyone. Because they are cool and they attract a certain somebody. Try something like this using your own values. “Are you adaptive, resilient, ready to explore, full of courage and really into empowering others?” You belong here! Recruiting through values creates a deep sense of loyalty and alignment. We love Patrick Lencioni’s suggestions for using values in recruitment and everywhere.

What could be more important than getting started off on the right foot with a person who is adequately prepared for the work ahead, excited and motivated by genuine interested in your cause?

Want to talk about your board recruitment ideas? Email me for coffee Also, have you met the resource bank? So many board recruitment and engagement ideas, free to our members.

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