How Learning Keeps You Motivated During Challenging Times

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Written By: Janet Rock, Director, Design & Development

We all know times are tough in Calgary. Tracking the news can be depressing, but so can applying for a job or seeking a grant. We’re always looking for ways to keep ourselves motivated and engaged in our work when all of the bad news can be distracting.

When times are though, focus on learning. Why? Well, it always helps to be that employee who is insatiable in their thirst for making themselves better. Those employees are hardest to let go of. For me, it’s more than that. Learning gives me perspective. It reminds me that the world is vast and that the things I deal with on a daily basis are so important in each moment, but that there is life beyond them too.

We can focus our learning on being the best at our jobs – like reading a quick article about how to be the best supervisor you can be or taking one of our three hour workshops. These opportunities are an exciting way to keep you motivated to do your best work.

Of course, learning about your job keeps you motivated. I’ve always found learning something new outside of work helps too. I have a weird love for science, something that I don’t get to really explore much in my daily life. When I read about about physics and how the universe is constantly expanding, my whole body feels excited and engaged. It helps me to feel more focused and I gain a perspective that supports my motivation to do my very best.

And perhaps the best way to learn? It’s free and simple: talk with someone! Sharing a coffee with a human who shares your passions and interests and love of our sector and our work can be so rewarding and it’s my very favourite way to learn. Looking for a way to meet that special someone to share that coffee and learn with? Try our peer learning opportunities.

It can be the little things that help us through the difficult times in our work. I’ve found learning a way to keep me upbeat and positive, but also engaged and focused on my work.

I’d love to hear the ways you stay motivated in though times, email me to go for coffee:

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