Culture, It Starts With People

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Written By: Doug Watson, Director, Member Services

Culture, it starts with people. If it starts with people (and I just said it did) then we as leaders are required to have an intense interest in understanding how people tick. Fair?

How many of us spend our day asking these questions:

  • How do I make the budget work
  • What can I do that will allow me to go home feeling accomplished
  • What else can we be doing to make the difference we are trying to make

What if it actually starts with people? What would those set of questions look like then?

  • What does ____ need from me today to be successful
  • What is getting in the way of ____ doing their job, I need to change that
  • How can I give ____ more time on that project because that will get the best out of them

For some of the people we work with, time is so important to making great decisions. I have worked with those amazing people that can make a decision on the fly . . . and it’s sufficient most of the time. Others have required more time and guess what, they make great decisions most of the time as well.

Here at Propellus we have some values posted on the wall. Two are of utmost importance to the leader who understands that culture starts with people. Empowerment and Adaptability. Empowerment insists that we be always thinking of the other person’s needs. Adaptability means we flex in order to meet one another’s preferred styles. Of course it can be hard to make that all work in practice so we use Birkman as a cultural building tool. It provides us with common language and understanding of one another’s strengths. Each person knows how and why they make decisions the way they do and . . . we are all working on understanding one another in order to allow the best of our colleagues to show up at work.

If you are interested in learning more about how we have built culture here at Propellus then give us a call.

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