TRANSFORM Your Story: Partnership with Chevron

In 2012, Alberta’s nonprofit sector saw a 52% turnover rate.

My name is Victoria Smith and I work for Chevron Resources Canada, one of the world’s largest energy companies.

If we turned over 52% of our staff annually, we would achieve nothing. If we didn’t invest in our people’s development, in strategic planning, in leadership or in good governance, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our energy lies in people.

So why are nonprofits losing more than half their people? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but development is one.

In my experience working with nonprofits, I very rarely see them spend funding on employee development, training or consulting services. And I understand why. Nonprofits are under extreme pressure from the community to spend their dollars on their programs. People want to see their money go towards the problem, the mission.

What our community is not doing a good job of, is in recognizing that when a nonprofit spends money on their own organizational strength, they are delivering on their mission. They are building their capacity to solve monumental issues.

How do you strengthen an organization? It’s easy for a lot of us in this room to think of the tactics, the action items that we can take on to make a program improvement, or develop an initiative that serves a need. But if we’re adding strength, we need go to the core, to the roots. An organization’s strength lies in the people who run it. At Chevron we call this Human Energy. The people are the ones who deliver on your mission, who work to solve crippling social issues and who implement the programs that us as donors see.

Imagine that you were able to access the resources to strengthen your organization. What kind of training or consulting would you need to deliver on your mission? To keep your staff engaged and thriving? How would you transform your organization’s story?

85% of nonprofits list costs as the number one barrier to engaging third party expertise.

With that in mind, I am proud to say that Chevron and Propellus are joining forces with the Transform Your Story Fund.

Through the Transform Your Story Fund, Propellus and Chevron want to help you make those ‘what ifs’ a reality.

With the Transform Your Story Fund, Propellus member organizations will have the support they need to access Propellus training and consulting services to help strengthen their organizations.

We want to provide you the resources to transform your people, to transform your organization and, in doing so, to transform our community. It all begins by asking yourselves the question: What if?

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