Coming to Propellus in 2014

At Propellus, we value exploration and empowerment. In the spirit of exploration, we are always researching and looking for new ways that we can help strengthen and empower non-profit organizations.

Our market research shows that Governance is one of the main areas of concern among not for profits in Alberta. To that end 2014 will see the new workshops focus heavily on Governance.

Janet Rock, our Director of Knowledge Creation, has been hard at work researching and creating the content that will become our new workshops that will be launching in the Spring.

“We decided to really focus on Governance for 2014 because our member organizations were asking for help in that area,” says Rock. “After the flood we could see a gap in long-term planning like emergency planning. A lot of people don’t realize that Emergency Planning is a governance issue, but it is.”

2014 Propellus will launch 4 new workshops focusing on:

Business Continuity – In Business Continuity participants will learn how to keep their organizations running in the case of a crisis or an emergency. In any crisis, being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important steps. This course will have a focus on effective communication to stakeholders, clients and the community. **Note The business continuity workshop has been rolled into the emergency preparedness workshop. 

Emergency Preparedness – The Emergency Planning workshop is about prevention. Participants will learn how to prevent damage, risk and loss during an emergency. In this workshop, participants will not only understand what can occur in an emergency, but also how to plan for the swiftest recovery should an emergency occur.

Strategic Planning – Having a strategic plan is one of the requirements for the Imagine Canada Standards Program and a critical element for all organizaitons, so we decided to create a workshop on that very subject. In the Strategic Planning workshop participants will learn to create a workable strategic plan for their organizations. It is not a “one size fits all” plan, but a strategic plan that is customized for their organizations.

Board Chair Training – The next step after the Governance 101 workshop. This workshop is designed to help develop the capacity of board chairs. Participants will learn effective leadership skills for smooth board meetings and a sustainable board future. It is being scheduled in a way that will work around the incredibly busy schedules of Board Chairs.

Director of Member Services at Propellus, Doug Watson, believes that strong governance is key to an organization’s health and success: “We look at governance in an organization as one of the main ways to build capacity that will positively affect the entire organization. With strong governance in place a non-profit organization is much more likely to succeed.”

Rock and Watson have been working on an organizational assessment tool to be released to members mid-year 2014. “This tool will be ideal to help Propellus and our member organizations build their organizational awareness,” says Watson. “With the organizational assessment tool in place we will be able to serve our members more effectively by better understanding their capacity building needs.”

“The organizational assessment tool will help not just us, but our member organizations see that perhaps what they originally thought was a fundraising issue, is actually a people engagement issue and vice versa,” explains Rock. “It may also help us decide on what kinds of content and workshops we develop for 2015 and beyond.”

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