Who We Are… 140 Days In

The Art and Science of Storytelling for Non-Profit organizations (or NPRO 3730) is one of my last classes before I finish my communications degree at Mount Royal. It’s a great class, and it is a blend of people currently working in the non-profit sector and current full-time Mount Royal students. 

Every time we met, one or two of my classmates from the non-profit sector ask me the same question: Why did we change our name to Propellus?

In short, we changed our name because our previous name gave the impression that we were a volunteer centre – in reality, Propellus’ programs and services make us much more than a volunteer centre.

The better question is – it has been 140 days since we became Propellus — who is Propellus?

When it comes to the sector, we’re a facilitator. We help organizations make progress; whether that progress is through our significantly expanded training workshops or through consulting projects, we help to propel organizations forward.

For our members, we’re an advocate. We are an advocate for an even stronger Southern Alberta non-profit sector. We’re your explorers, your living laboratory. We are constantly looking for new trends, tools, and resources that are effective in all areas of non-profit management and best support the sector. We are always looking for new ways to support and strengthen.

When it comes to the community at large, we’re a connector. We connect our non-profit members with volunteers through our volunteer database. We connect people in the non-profit sector to each other as a resource through our Learning Communities.

For all, we are here as a resource. Whether it is through training, consulting, or our newsletter, Propellus strives to be a resource for the non-profit sector. We have a stable of new and innovative training workshops that are focused on areas that organizations tend to struggle in. Our consultants are not only helpful, supportive and knowledgeable, but have also demonstrated a passion for engaging with the non-profit sector.

At Propellus, our mission is to strengthen organizations, and if we can help do that then our communities will thrive.

As Propellus we feel as though we can push past our name and share our knowledge and 58 years of experience. And yes, Propellus is still the go-to place for volunteers and volunteerism. Our new Propellus website still has the largest public volunteer database in Southern Alberta, where potential volunteers can look up volunteer opportunities by their interests. While the Volunteer Awards will look different this year, they are still the premiere event celebrating volunteers and the organizations that engage them. We still engage employee volunteer groups and get them working with our non-profit members.

In truth, our 58 years has taught us a thing or two about not only volunteers and volunteering, but it has also given us great insight into the non-profit sector and the needs of the Calgary community. We have evolved into something that is no longer a volunteer centre and that is the story we need our name to help us tell.

People sometimes tell me that the name Propellus doesn’t say anything about what we do or who we are. I beg to differ; I think our name says everything. Propellus, we help propel organizations and the non-profit sector forward, we do –in fact– Propellus.

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