10 Great Apps for Non-profits

Below are some suggested apps that can be well suited for non-profits. As the digital world is continually changing, please note that this list was created in the fall of 2013.

Skype – With the improvement of the Internet, download speeds, and video being used in many areas Skype is or has become the go-to-tool to communicate. Whether they are family or friends, it helps to create relationships with people on a face-to-face basis. It can also be a great tool to talk with staff who maybe on the run, working remotely, or staff working from out of town.

Propellus used this tool to hold meetings and communicate with staff outside of the office environment.  The app it self is a free download on the iTunes store, and on android devices. For the basic download you get a chance to talk to individuals one on one. For more advanced features like video messaging, and multiple contacts on one call you do need to purchase a premium membership. The premium works about to be about $10.00/month. However, to get this to work well it takes a great deal of bandwidth, and some great audio equipment as it can be a challenge to hear everyone on the call, and hear.

Eventbrite – This app allows you to register for events that are happening within your city, the county and anywhere Eventbrite is available. It allows you to search for events by category, and it will store your tickets to the events you have registered for. It also gets rid of those nasty paper receipts. Eventbirte on its own is a great online tool to use when creating an event. Any event that has free registration can use Eventbrite; however once you start to charge for an event, you will be charged for your event.

As an added note, Eventbrite has a second app, called “Entry,” which allows you to scan the registration cards/invites of individuals via a built in barcode, and check against those who registered. It allows for follow-up, and a more accurate count of those attending your event.

Talktone – Want a free phone? Talk tone enables you to make free calls across any wi-fi network. Not a bad little app when it comes to calling individuals. Since Google Talk has been replaced with Google Hangout, this may be another alternative to look at when needing to make long distance phone calls, or calling in for a conference call. Only down-side is that the calls come from a number in California, and the recipient of your call may not know who is calling.

Pages  – This is a great app to manage all of your Facebook posts. You may be the administrator of several Facebook pages for your organization. This app allows you to manage all of those posts, pictures, and videos that you have on your feeds. Pages also allows you to see the statistics of each of those pages, and gain a better understanding of the ROI you are getting back on your social media efforts.

Cacoo – Cacoo is a nice alternative to MS Visio, and gives you the tools you need to put together your documentation in a clean and professional manner. There is a web app version too. One downside to the free version is that you can only download jpg images of your document, there is a membership fee if you want to increase your storage, and the functionality to download your projects into other formats such as pdfs, png, etc.

Dropbox – Dropbox is a cloud server app designed to keep your files in one location as you need them, or it is also a great app to storage larger files that need to be shared with a designer, photographer, etc. With any device you can use this app to review files and not keep them on a server at work. The free version allows for 2GB of storage, any more, you will have to pay for.

Hootsuite – Manage your social media channels. HootSuite is a social media management tool that helps you manage multiple Social Media accounts on the go. HootSuite supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare plus many other social networks. With this app you can instantly send messages to all of your followers on Twitter, monitor and manage your Facebook Pages, and view your LinkedIn connections wherever you are. Simple, elegant, and powerful, HootSuite allows you to schedule or instantly share Twitter updates and Facebook status updates from anywhere.

Pinterest – Generate more traffic for your website using Pinterest. If you have a visual aspect of your business as a non-profit, Pinterest can be a great way to get your work out into the community and into the world. Pinterest is also good if you are looking for some great and creative ideas to spice of an aspects, event, or inspiration. At Propellus, we have used Pinterest to promote our programs, and tried to keep it updated with relevant information from within the sector. It has also been an inspirational tool for us, pulling ideas to reinvigorate some of our events, programs, etc.

Easy Portfolio – This is a great little app to help you showcase some the work you do as an individual or an organization. Show your work or the materials you have produced in a digital format. It will save you time from carrying around a file with multiple pieces in and keeping it all straight. Use it to create links to videos, store images of your work, photos, etc.

Dragon Dictation (DD) – Save time typing documents or messages by using Dragon dictation. This app is so simple to use you will wonder why you hadn’t used this before. DD has a simple tap and record functionality that allows you to dictate the messages you are creating right to your phone, and then send it out to your social media channels, SMS, or email. The downside is that DD doesn’t do a great job with names. Remember to talk slowly, for it to pick up your sentences. Also you may feel uncomfortable talking into your phone around groups of people, and break up your messaging into smaller pieces so that DD can format your messaging properly, it also works for many languages.

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