Template: Case for Support

A “case for support” is the foundation of almost everything that Fund Developers do – from writing grant proposals to creating a fundraising campaign. Making your case for support starts with succinctly answering a few questions – those answers become the backbone to your fundraising strategy.

The answers you provide in the case for support template can be used in many ways. Like a resume or cover letter, you can use these answers in grant requests, just be sure to tailor the request to the organization you are requesting support from. The answers can also be used as a jumping off point for telling your story in a bigger, more compelling way, like Charity Water did here.

If you answer these questions in a succint way, the responses can even form your elevator speech! Spend the most time and energy on questions about the clients you serve or the need for your services and what makes you different.

You can download and fill out there template HERE.

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