8 Reasons to Hire a Propellus Consultant

The best way to predict the future is to create it

– Unknown

There will inevitably be roadblocks to an organizations ability to develop holistically. A Propellus consultant can help you get over those roadblocks and help achieve your non-profit’s mission and help to serve your community in the areas of management and governance.

The consultants hired by Propellus are carefully selected, so that organizations can engage some of the best consultants the city has at a reduced rate. Propellus consultants can help you achieve your mission in a number of ways:

  1. Fresh Perspectives – An outsiders perspective or fresh pair of eyes have the unique ability to see the bigger picture, in a way that people attached to their cause cannot.
  2. Experts not generalists – It is common for non-profits to have one person fulfilling many roles. The consultants at Propellus are experts in their chosen field, and can put their expertise to work in any role an organization could need.
  3. Commitment – Two heads are better than one; and having an expert work 24/7 on a project that is committed to a long-term solution can never hurt.
  4. Funding – Using a consultant is a concrete way of showing current and perspective funders that you are working on capacity building.
  5. Long-term guidance – the consulting services at Propellus are designed to help you articulate your needs. In the long-term our consultants are trained to show you where you are, and help to get you where you need to go.
  6. Passion – The consultants contracted by Propellus go through a rigorous screening process. They have a proven desire to work in non-profits and a vested interest in strengthening the community.
  7. Best Practice – Consultants at Propellus have an abundant knowledge of best practices in their chosen field, knowledge that will be passed onto your organization.
  8. Outcomes focused – Consultants at Propellus focus on the outcome of their work being transformational – not transactional.

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