How to Post a Volunteer Want Ad

The Propellus website is an excellent resource for people looking to volunteer with non-profit organizations and a great tool for non-profit members who need to connect with volunteers. In the last year alone, our website had welcomed 42,500 unique visitors and had garnered over 366,000 page views. Here are a few things to consider when posting your volunteer opportunities on the website:

1. Position title
How can you get volunteers to choose your position out of thousands? A creative position title can help catch peoples’ attention and entice them to volunteer with your organization. Make your position sound as interesting and meaningful as it is.

2. Position Description
What is the role of the volunteer? Describe the volunteer position in detail. Be sure to answer the following questions:

What is the organization about? People usually volunteer for causes that are important to them. Describe what the program, project or event about and how it impacts the community. Volunteers appreciate knowing that they are engaged in something meaningful.

What do you need from the volunteer? What are the specific tasks and responsibilities of the volunteer? It helps to set expectations and define outcomes early on to make sure goals are reached.

How much time is needed? Volunteer projects vary in length. Specify how long the commitment is (is it an ongoing project or is there a deadline?) and how frequently the volunteer needs to contribute (once, weekly, daily, monthly?)

What will the volunteer gain from the experience? Everyone volunteers for different reasons. Volunteers freely give their time and it helps to know that their time is well spent. Let volunteers know if there is an opportunity to develop new skills, gain work experience, get a reference letter, or to network.

How to apply? Describe the application process and detail your requirements for the position so that volunteers can come prepared. You may ask them to provide a completed application form, a resume or reference, police clearance or come in for an interview – these may vary for each position.

 3. Suitability
Who is the role suitable for? Would the volunteer position be suitable for youth, adults, family, youth group or employee group? Be specific to ensure you are targeting the right audience.

Promoting volunteer opportunities on the Propellus website is a free benefit for our member organizations.

ARE YOU A PROPELLUS MEMBER? DO YOU WISH TO BECOME A MEMBER? Contact Kelsey Merkeley, our Member Services Coordinator at 403-231-1441 or to learn about your membership benefits, assistance with accessing your Member Log-in or just to chat

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